How to detect the outlier in dataframe?

Here we will see the steps involved in identifying the outlier value in a dataframe. Follow the steps below: import pandas as pd import numpy as np def outliers(data, threshold=1.5): “”” outlier “”” q1 , q3 = np.percentile(data, [25, 75]) iqr = q3 – q1 lower_bound = q1 – (threshold * iqr) upper_bound = q3 + (threshold * iqr) return […]

Top 10 business man, with there family member names, total worth, and there business type

In the world of business, there are certain individuals who have not only changed the game but have created empires worth billions. Here are the top 10 businessmen and women, along with their spouse’s name and family member names, total net worth, and their respective business type: Each of these businessmen and women have not only built successful businesses but […]