Qatar 2022: Countries qualified for FIFA World Cup

Total of 32 countries have confirmed their qualification for the competition. Qatar(Asia) Iran(Asia) South Korea(Asia) Japan(Asia) Saudi Arabia(Asia) Australia(Asia) Tunisia(Africa) Morocco(Africa) Cameroon(Africa) Ghana(Africa) Senegal(Africa) Wales(Europe) Poland(Europe) Portugal(Europe) Netherlands(Europe) Switzerland(Europe) England(Europe) Serbia(Europe) Spain(Europe) Croatia(Europe) Belgium(Europe) France(Europe) Germany(Europe) Denmark(Europe) Brazil(South America) Argentina(South America) Ecuador(South America) Uruguay(South America) Costo Rica(North America) Mexico(North America) USA(North America) Canada(North America) Do let us know, which team […]

Resume vs CV vs Bio data?

रिज्यूमे बनाम सीवी बनाम बायो डेटा, इन तीनों में अंतर! We will look at the basic difference between resume and cv and bio-data, which one you need to create while applying or sharing you data/ qualification details. Bio data is mostly used for personal purposes, it may have compromise of life summary and education details. बायो डेटा का उपयोग ज्यादातर […]