My Kind Of Intimacy.

Most of you are reading just because of the word Intimacy but this article is not just about the word Intimacy and it’s interpretation, it’s more than that. You all know that Intimacy is a state of having close personal relationship with someone. Being intimated by someone triggers your brain to release a cocktail of chemicals which includes oxytocin, dopamine […]

To let go…….

Kaushik had a hectic day at office, some new business proprieter where invited at his office for new ventures and being a senior marketing manager had to deal with them. Kaushik kept himself so busy that he got no time to think about himself or his personal life. In last few years he has only concentrated in his job. Outside […]

casteism still exists in santhal parganas.

Jharkhand is known to be a land of tribal people, and being a state of 32 tribal communities it’s constituencies has been guaranteed. One of them is santhal pargana which consists of dumka, deoghar, jamtara, pakur, sahebganj and godda. Dumka is also the sub capital of jharkhand. And it’s shameful to share and write about the incident that took place […]