How to detect the outlier in dataframe?

Here we will see the steps involved in identifying the outlier value in a dataframe. Follow the steps below: import pandas as pd import numpy as np def outliers(data, threshold=1.5): “”” outlier “”” q1 , q3 = np.percentile(data, [25, 75]) iqr = q3 – q1 lower_bound = q1 – (threshold * iqr) upper_bound = q3 + (threshold * iqr) return […]

4 -Machine learning, code for identifying the outliers in jupyter notebook

We first load the dataset into a pandas dataframe using the pd.read_csv() function. We then define a function called detect_outliers that takes in a dataset and uses the z-score method to detect outliers. The function first calculates the mean and standard deviation of the data, and then sets a threshold for detecting outliers as three times the standard deviation. The […]